Planning Your Remodel

Do you know what you want?

Do you know how much or how big the job might be?

Planning a renovation, remodel or rebuild can be daunting. Choosing your remodeling company means the difference between a wonderful experience with a beautiful result or wasted dollars rethinking too many choices as the pieces come together.

Let Wood & Stone Remodeling be your sounding board as you begin with your first thoughts of “it’s time for a change.” 

Ask yourself about:

  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Time constraints
  • Scope

We believe from your first call to the final decisions, planning is essential. Let us bring every tool in our tool box. From our first conversation to the intricate plans we lay out, we will assist you in planning out your perfect dwelling. Details make all the difference.

Needing inspiration for your space? Check out our galleries of work under the Projects tab to get your ideas flowing or contact us today to setup your first consultation.

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