Utility Room

All homes are built with a utility area; it could be as simple as washer/dryer hook ups in the garage or a separate area in the interior of your home. Either way, it’s an area that could probably use some attention. While it’s not a show stopper in most homes, it is a place where the dreary of day-to-day life takes place. Does anyone really like laundry?

But wherever you take care of the task, you can brighten the “load” by bringing in light, adding work space with counters and storage or including a utility sink for those “soaking, prewash” needs. Perhaps combining the usefulness of a “mudroom” feel to the already utilitarian needs of installing the washer and dryer is the solution to drudgery you’ve been looking for. 

Take some time to think about how much laundry you do in a day or week. Plan out your chores in the house to help determine what keeps that mound of laundry from going down. You’ll probably find that the lack of actual work space is largely the culprit. Share the hurdles with Wood & Stone Remodeling so we can help take the next step in up-cycling space you never considered.

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